Walk-Ins (walk_ins) wrote,

Janet Creeque is 35. She was one of the original five researchers to call themselves the Calvins, and has worked for Tet since she was a college undergrad at Barnard, having come to their attention by writing her senior thesis on intertextuality in the works of Stephen King. She's a vegetarian, more out of personal preference than philosophical conviction. She lives alone but for two cats, and is more or less okay with that.

She's cleaning out her desk at Tet for the last time, and is not okay with that at all.

"I just, I kept hoping they'd change their minds, you know?" Janet dumps a handful of small items from her drawer onto the desktop: a tube of chapstick, a travel-size bottle of Advil, two packets of tissues, a plastic comb, a half-empty pack of chewing gum, a little heap of safety pins like a catch of silver fish. "About cutting the department."
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